• Telecommunications

The telecom sector is set to boom in Ethiopia with regulatory reforms that promote foreign investment in the sector. With several multinational telecom operators working to enter into the Ethiopian telecom market, Addis Partners offers broad range of services including regulatory, compliance, and strategic advisory services. With ever-growing demands for speed and broadband, we advise network operators and service providers, and operators of broadband, cable, wireless and satellite networks on a host of issues from infrastructure to cyber and privacy concerns. We also provide special advisory services on matters of procurement related to privatization of government-owned telecommunications facilities. Our areas of telecom practice include;

  • Cyber security, privacy and data protection;
  • E-commerce and online retailers;
  • Spectrum acquisitions and transactions;
  • Towers and infrastructure;
  • Broadband networks and services;
  • Digital content distribution and digital rights management; and
  • Online gaming;